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† tam fratri pietatem quam patriae | OTA

WHO: Gaius Gracchus
WHERE: The Inn foyer, exploring 7I, the peach grove, and back at the Inn
WHEN: August 12
OPEN TO: Everyone
WARNINGS: None yet

morning of August 12 --> Inn foyer and outside

Gracchus had woken that morning to find another of the strange gift boxes outside his room. The last one had contained tunics, tablets, and styluses, and this time, he opens it to find an offering bowl, a small cup, incense, wine, and a stole that could be used for covering the head. Supplies for making offerings. Since he came here, he's had to rely on saving parts of his meal and leaving them with the little wooden figures he'd found. Now, he can do something properly. Not that there's a household altar here or anything like it, but there is an entrance space to the Inn that doesn't serve the same function as an atrium, but is at least in the same important location.

So before breakfast, he carefully washes and shaves, and murmurs the words of ritual cleansing, before he takes the figurines and the box he's just received down to the Inn's atrium. They're not his, not the little figures of the gods and his family kept in their lararium in his home back in Rome. But he's kept them since he found them here, because they would be enough, if he managed to get anything to make the offerings to his gods and his family that were a part of the life of every Roman head of household. He places the figurines and the offering-bowl on the edge of the desk, then places the stole over his head and shoulders. Then he holds out his hands in supplication as he begins the prayers: first to Janus, as is proper, but then to Neptune -- whatever Aristotle and the Greeks may say about the causes of earthquakes, there have been too many here, so many that a prayer and offering to Neptune seems wise -- and then on to the spirits of the household, whatsoever of them exist here. Last, he speaks to the spirits of his family: his father, his brother, and in their absence his mother, wife, and daughter. He pours wine into the cup, then into the offering-bowl, then sips it and invites the spirits to join him.

Later, after the ritual is finished, he sets the figures to one side, out of the way but still there, in the room, where they can perform their watch over the household, and takes the leftover wine in the offering bowl outside, to pour it reverentially into the ground.

later --> exploring 7I

He hadn't felt comfortable venturing out into the new area that had been uncovered by the earthquakes until now, but now that he's made a prayer and offering to Neptune, he dares the journey. Gracchus is dressed in one of his tunics, the most comfortable clothes he has here, but he's also carrying the strange pack that he'd been given when he first arrived. He has few supplies to carry with him, but he does want to bring a tablet with him in case there is anything that needs recording, since he doesn't think the whole area has been explored yet. He's heard tell of a sea that's been discovered, but he's just as interested in the land: lacking a boat, the sea isn't going to help them to escape, and he knows more about the use of the land than the sea.

It's strange finding himself in a mirror-image of the village that's been his home-in-exile in these past months, but while he's exploring, he pays attention to what he finds where, and after he's determined precisely how similar the village is, he decides to see what else is the same. There are other spots around the village he's used to that are important, and learning if they are the same or not may be significant to understanding more about this place.

It's when he gets to where he's expecting to find a spring bubbling into a deep, calm pool that he finds a major difference. Instead of the large clearing with the spring in it, there's a grove of unfamiliar trees, branching up towards the sky, some of them far beyond his head. The branches are laden with a fruit he's never seen before, round and reddish-gold, firm to the touch when he reaches up and picks one. His hand rests on the trunk of one of the trees as he looks up into its leaves, and a roughness under his palm makes him look down again. There's a symbol carved onto the trunk, one that's completely unfamiliar to him. It looks a little like a tree with a dangling branch, with a trunk and then some lines drawn across it, with another cut at an angle to the others. It's not Greek, and he wonders if it might be Egyptian, that strange language of pictures he'd heard of from some of his tutors.

Whatever it is, he carefully takes out his tablet and scratches a drawing of the sign onto the wax, before he starts picking the fruits.

evening --> back at the Inn

When Gracchus gets back to the Inn, it's with a pack full of fruits from the trees. He hasn't tried any himself, uncertain whether they're good to eat or not, but if they are, they should be a good supplement to the food stores here at the Inn, and Kate Kelly can probably use them. He heads for the main room, unsure whether or not he will have missed the evening meal. Whether it's past mealtime or not, that's usually the place where the most people can be found.

He takes one of the fruits out of his bag, and holds it out as he walks into the room.

"Excuse me," he says in English to the first person he meets, "do you recognize this?"

evening prayers --> he will be repeating prayers in the evening if your character wouldn't be at the Inn in the morning
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evening - inn

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Of all the people he could have come to ask about fruit, it's a good thing he's run into Beverly. Recognizing the voice, she turns to examine what it is he's got. A smile almost immediately crosses her face as she glances at the fruit, holding out a hand to ask if she can feel it.

"That looks like a peach," she says with enthusiasm. "They're very good to eat. Where did you find it? I didn't know we had any growing here."
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Beverly takes the fruit and gives it a good looking over with hands and eyes, to check its ripeness. "It looks ripe. It'll be good to eat, if you want to try one. They're very tasty."

The idea of anything like this growing in one area but not the other is fascinating. Why that one? And why peaches? Does that area get more sunlight?

She wouldn't mind having a couple of her own, but she doesn't want to ask him for them if he's planning on saving them for himself or someone else. She can always go harvest her own if she wants, and so she offers him the fruit back.

"They must be getting a lot of sunlight over there," she muses. "I wonder if we've been getting enough to try growing some here."
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Beverly's surprise registers clearly on her face, but she isn't about to turn down an offer like this. A return service for her help with his arm is not at all necessary; helping people is just part of who she is.

"Thank you," she responds. "I'll have to take a look sometime. I haven't had a chance to yet, but if it's got a decent supply of peaches, I may need to."

She'll still see if she can get one or two trees to grow here for next year, though.

"These should keep for a while, but here, let me show you how to test for ripeness." With one of the ones in her hands, she does just that, showing him the points most likely to go bad first and how to tell when it has. Also how best to cut and eat it. Some fruit can be particular about that.
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morning prayers;

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"It's not raining outside."

Credence is behind him, watching curiously, a book tucked into his arms. He hugs it fiercely as he hunches over, trying not to look too curious but failing. He knows this man--he knows he's hurt him, and even though that was a long time ago in the village's eyes, it's still fresh in Credence's. Avoiding him isn't the right choice of words, but Credence was certainly not going out of his way to say hello, not wanting to remind him of what happened.

Until now. This is different, because he's kneeling around, and there's something that reminds him of church that he's burning. There are little idols and his head is covered--hence the raining remark, because why else would you?--and while Credence suspects he has an idea of what's going on, he still gets a strange thrill. It looks forbidden. It feels forbidden.

"What're you doing?"
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Evening - Inn - Paryers

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Wanda had finished her work for the day and was about to leave the inn when she spotted Gracchus. She paused and watched him, far enough away so that she wouldn't intrude on the privacy of his ceremony. It wasn't hard for Wanda to guess that he was performing a prayer of some kind, to some god, speaking to someone who might never hear his voice.

She didn't believe in gods, not in the traditional sense anyway; there were those with power and those who felt helpless against the tides of life. Wanda wondered if thinking that there was some higher power in control made people feel more comfortable. It gave them someone to blame and someone to look to when there was no where else to go. She honestly didn't know but it would be cruel to take that comfort from someone else.

Following Gracchus outside, Wanda paused at the door. "Do you do this every evening?" It was a waste of wine but if it belonged to Gracchus then she wouldn't say anything against it. It was his choice when it came to using the resources that he had.
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"Is there a reason today?"

She couldn't pretend to know much about his culture but she was curious and open. Wanda had seen many things to know the value in another's believes. Believes, ideas, could change the world. They were important, even if Wanda often struggled to find things to believe in.

She couldn't help but wonder if it was a good thing or something darker. She didn't know Gracchus very well but she had trouble thinking ill of him.
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Wanda watched and listened to him carefully. She didn't share his culture but she was curious about it's source. "I'm not sure if they were the gods. If they are-" She lifted her shoulders in a brief shrug. "It's good you're here to convince them to stop." She hadn't liked the earthquake but she didn't want to admit how shaken they had made her.

"Who is Neptunus?"

She knew some gods but not many and Wanda knew nothing about Roman gods. As far as she knew, they were unlike Catholic gods, Norse Gods and Greek Gods. Wanda only learned the Norse Gods thanks to Thor.
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Wanda nodded. She was thankful for his explanation. She didn't know about Greek gods and while it wasn't her theology she wasn't going to say that they didn't exist. She's seen enough fucked up shit to know that anything was possible.

"I've met Norse gods." She spoke in an even voice. "I've never meet Greek ones. If they do hear you, I hope they are placated." She had no interest in pissing off gods. Well, she would but usually for a good reason.

"What are the signs?"

She figured she could keep a look out for them. Even if his gods aren't there, signs that something else might be coming are always helpful.
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"Stumbling is a warning?" Her eyebrow raised curiously. It seemed odd though she wasn't planning to argue with him about it.

Wanda tried to think of the best way to describe the God's in her world. "Thor is a god based on Norse mythology. It's said that their race came to Earth and the people at the time believed them to be gods. I don't think all gods are this way but he controls lightening. He was here. Once."

He wasn't anymore.
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Wanda wouldn't think much of tripping out the doorway. Perhaps if it was her brother who tripped, it'd be more of an oddity for him.

She might be more mindful now that Gaius has mentioned it.

Her expression softened at his words. "He is a hero." She didn't want to talk about him in past tense, she didn't think that Thor was dead, but she missed him.

"Perhaps not the same kind of god as yours."
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"He is from my home but not my world." She didn't want to confuse him but she wanted to make sure that Gracchus understood how big her home really was. It wasn't the first time she had seen something from another world and thanks to the stone that had given her her powers, Wanda knew even more was out there.

Her fingers twisted together before her arms crossed over her chest.

It was difficult thinking of home. "He is a comrade of mine. A member of the Avengers and a dear friend. He's helped save a world that isn't even his many times." Wanda didn't know Thor very well but she considered him someone that she could count on and trust.

"He was only here for a short while." At least that Wanda knew.
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morning prayers

[personal profile] enterprisingheart 2017-08-19 01:49 am (UTC)(link)
Jean-Luc is, to be perfectly honest, a little bit more of archeologist than a historian. He does, admittedly, recognize some of the figurines (or rather, thinks he does - he's not going to risk interfering in the ritual by getting close enough to look) but the ceremony itself isn't something that he can say he's ever had the privilege of seeing before. So it is that he simply watches, taking note of the deliberateness with which everything is done, even if he can't say that he knows exactly what it's all for.

Still, he figures he can ask about that later, and it's not until Gracchus carefully puts everything away and has come back in after pouring out the wine that he speaks up.

"Is it alright if I have a look at these?"

The figurines, he means, and he gestures to where they're currently resting by way of further explanation.
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To an extent, being watched isn't entirely out of the ordinary for Picard either. Or rather, being somewhere that could be considered to be the public eye, anyway, even if being the captain of a starship - or any ship - is likely a far cry from anything that Gracchus might be used to. But all the same, he sees no reason to not at least be patient, and it's only after it's been mentioned that there's no harm in his having a closer look at the little figurines that he draws closer to do exactly that.

He's gentle with them too, handling them with the same sort of care that he would a rare archeological find. (The fact that they are, sort of, by his perspective doesn't hurt.)

"Among other things, yes. Although it's somewhat less about the religion itself and more about how it's reflected in its culture of origin."

Plus even despite the Prime Directive, being able to speak to someone who has actual first person insight into Roman rituals and religion is something that he wouldn't dream of passing up.
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Morning - Inn

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The sounds of objects falling, that's what catches Kate's attention. Little thuds, then a roll, all where they shouldn't be. The foyer, where she keeps most things in drawers so a certain feline someone doesn't bat them around during her nighttime patrols. But no, the cat's knocked something off, so Kate puts down the wet rag she'd been using to scrub the floor in the main room and bustles in to see.

Miss Hoppity pauses as Kate comes in, and then with a look of supreme innocence, she jumps down off the desk and saunters out the open front door. She would never do anything like knock over... what?

Little figurines?

Frowning, Kate crouches down to pick them up, putting them back on the desk with the others. She's never seen anything like them, what on Earth are they?

Following her cat, she catches sight of Mr Gracchus. Mr Gracchus with Miss Hoppity rubbing her chin against his shin, Mr Gracchus...


"What are you doing?"