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"The Only Home I'll Ever Know"

WHO: Margaery Tyrell
WHERE: The Woods
WHEN: Shortly After Specimen Room
OPEN TO: Robb Stark
WARNINGS: Nothing so far

She walked the forest in a daze, her headache long gone, but replaced by a different sort of pain. Somewhere along the way back from the canyon, she and Jude parted. The news of what they found was not something she wanted to share, as she didn't understand much of the technology or what it meant completely. She only knew what the vials had left her feeling and that was lost. Hair and blood, not only of the villagers but of the animals they received. Even poor Gilbert was among them and that frightened her most of all. What was real? What was true? She had memories of Westeros, she still felt the warmth of the sun and the lush grass of Highgarden. She remembered how the Black Cells smelled and the sight of Loras huddled in the dark. She could simply reach back in her memories and she was there again, the weight of the Lannister cloak on her shoulders as she wed Joffery and Tommen's boyish eagerness during their wedding night. Was she real or created? Was something implanted in her or stolen?

All of the sweetness that she found in the village had become ash against her tongue and the beautiful sounds of the wood were dead against her ears. Only Gilbert caught her attention as he stopped and lifted his head to the wind. With a small excited bark, he raced through the underbrush and away from Margaery's side. Numb, she followed after him. Even if he wasn't real, even if he was created, he was hers and she couldn't bear to let go of the only thing that was holding her together.

It didn't take her long to find him, yipping and circling around the one person that could chase away all of this insanity. Robb. From the look of things, he was hunting. It should have occurred to her that it was early morning. The night in the canyon had not been pleasant and time had slipped away from her. Of course he would be hunting, as he did every day.

If Gilbert was holding her together, Robb was the foundation that kept her standing. He was home, the only home that could ever be hers. She looked ragged and exhausted, but her face and frame lightened as she approached him. She didn't say anything, only fell into his arms and clutched him tight against her. How could this not be real? She had never felt love before, but she knew it was strong and fierce within her. If they were created, they were created for each other. Others take the Observers, she needed and would guard this with all of the strength she could muster.

"I'm glad to see you."
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There was scarcely time to speak her name before she'd crashed into his arms, and Robb reacted instinctively, dropping his bow and quiver and reaching to catch her with strong, if uncertain arms.

"Margaery," he repeated, holding her close as he tipped up her chin to look at him properly. Exhaustion was smudged beneath her eyes, and his stomach gave a sickly twist -- Had she gotten lost and been in the forest all night long?

"What's happened? Are you all right?"
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When he'd been young, Robb's mother had always known precisely what to do and say to comfort him from the little ills of childhood. How many times had he watched her offer solace to smallfolk who had lost husbands or wives or children? Moments like these, he wished he'd inherited even some small portion of her innate empathy, her ability to soothe.

Holding Margaery in his arms, his instinct was the opposite: Alarm, and the notion of retribution to whomever was responsible for putting her in her current state.

"Margaery," he repeated, one hand firm against the small of her back and the other cradling her head. "I love you. What is falling apart? Have you been in the forest all night?"
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Once, he might not have believed her regardless of how she pleaded for him to believe her. The idea of anyone seeing the future in their mind, of being led by strange and powerful forces would have seemed absurd. But Robb had been here long enough to know that after his initial flash of skepticism, this place and the people who put them within it were capable of a great many things far beyond belief.

"What was in the room?"

So long Robb had gone without sharing the widespread inclination to find a way out. It had seemed a slap in the face of whatever gods had placed him here and provided a second chance at living. But he cannot deny the curiosity that sparks now, the sudden impulse to uncover answers.
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To Robb, it sounded like some manner of sorcery or witchcraft, their hair and blood collected for a complicated, unfathomable ritual. His immediate impulse was to seek out the room and witness the contents himself, but Margaery was a more present concern, trembling and afraid as she clung to him.

"Shh," he soothed, holding her close as he stroked a gentle hand over her hair. "You're real and I'm real, and the rest of it is real enough. It will be all right."
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The clear implication was that, whether because she was upset or simply from pure exhaustion, Margaery did not intend to attend the meeting with him. What she'd told him had been so strange and vague, Robb hardly knew how to properly reaction, if there even was a proper reaction, but he could not deny wanting to know more.

Still, he could not simply leave Margaery alone like this. He supposed he could track this Jude down later, or perhaps just find someone else who had attended to fill him in.

"First, we see to you," he said, giving Margaery a reassuring squeeze. "Come on, then. Let's get you home so that you can eat something and rest."
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"I didn't realize you were so fierce," Robb replied with a faint smile, and pulled her under the shelter of his arm as they walked. "Have you always been this way, or is it only for me?"

In truth, it was a bit unnerving -- Not that Margaery was concealing a secret fire, but that whatever had happened to her had prompted such a reaction. The need to tromp off through the forest and confront this room for himself was a strong one, but he instead continued to move them both calmly back toward the village. Margaery must come first; there was no question.