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WHO: Clary Fray/Fairchild
WHERE: Around
WHEN: October 27th – 30th
OPEN TO: Everyone [With a Closed Section for Diana & Claire]

October 27th - 30th | Faded [CLOSED]

It flickered like one of the neon lights outside of Pandemonium. It was purple and marked in both Japanese and English. It was odd. Clary couldn't read the Japanese lettering but she knew it. She had spent a lot of time researching western culture for art projects in school. She had never thought that it would have helped her now. The riddle was a strange one but not completely unfamiliar. Clary searched her brain for the answer before realizing that it was simple and it was leading her somewhere.

She knew that she shouldn't rush off on her own but she had another complication. She was invisible...

It had started earlier than morning when she managed to be out of phase with the wall. It was like an episode of the Twilight Zone but worse because it was real and happening to her. She reminded herself not to freak out, to think like a shadow hunter but it wasn't getting better. She screamed and yelled but she couldn't be heard. So she had a choice, go back to the in and repeat that situation. Or, follow the clue and see what the fuck was going on.

When she arrived at the next clue she found that someone was already there. Most likely someone else who couldn't see her. Except that this person was staring at the lettering on the ground, half in English and half in Japanese.

"Wait? Can you see that or me?" She asked as disbelief colored the tone of her voice. Little did she know that someone else was following close behind them.

October 30th | No Longer Faded [OPEN]

They were finally free.

Clary ran from pod. More accurately she swam back through the cavern and then ran but she was ecstatic and she had to test to make sure that this was real. That people could see her. She made her way to the inn and burst in. She spotted the nearest person to the door and took long strides over to them. Clary was hesitant to touch another person but she had to make sure.

She was soaked from head to toe and wearing the sweatpants and tank top that she usually slept in.

"Can you see me?! Touch me?"

It wasn't as weird as it sounded. For the last three days she had been wandering around and no one had been responding to her. Now she was herself again and she had to check. Not to mention that she had to tell people about the pod, the tests and the possible small army that their overseers were trying to form. This was definitely the Twilight Zone and just as fucked up.
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WHO: Jude Sullivan
WHERE: 6I Village; Various
WHEN: Mid October and onward
WARNINGS: Epilepsy symptoms, including hallucinations

Each season seems to come with its triggers, like crazy can relate to allergies.  Winter was easiest, like the cold took too deep a root in the world to let it affect him.  He was calm and collected at the end of the year; his spine kept to its purpose and he didn't blink away so many insects and shadows that weren't there.  Spring was always long rains, trapping him indoors, storms breaking pressure behind his eyes and making them pop with color, making shapes crawl in the shadows of the water running over windows.  Spring stranded the truck in churning mud and clipped the line that told him to care, so that he'd sit twenty minutes with a foot on the gas, snapping out of it when tires found earth and shoved him forward.  Summer was the worst, most dangerous.  Late humid heat boiled his head in his skull, and those were the months he could really snap: fall over in a pile of elbows, sob uncontrollably, disappear into a white hot rage and come out not knowing why he'd felt any of it.

He doesn't know if it's leaf mold or just the haunted atmosphere of Autumn, but it's when the shadows crawl the longest, when he has to decide if the thing in the corner is real based on a twitch in his pinky or a smell no one else seems bothered by.

Looking at the leaves, his birthday must have passed.  The anniversary too, and it's better not to know.  Better to just keep making paper while the weather allows him to use the wood and take the work outside.  He's started experimenting with the fallen leaves, and they don't add the color he thought they might--but new batches of paper hold their fragile skeletons on the surface.  He doesn't know how much to stockpile for the winter, but--it's the last thing a lot of people would complain about running out of.

The shorter the days get, the more he can be found scavenging the wooded areas; the more his staked out blankets and drying paper are replaced with him out in the yard, chopping wood while it's dry on the ground.  Sometimes he tosses what look like perfectly good branches away from himself, wiping his hands furiously on his denim jacket.

Sometimes, though always mid-morning or mid-afternoon, he squints down a path at a familiar enough figure, only to watch the world pass through it.  By the time the sun sets, he can't be sure the person even exists, and he swallows down the urge to ask.  It's always just been in his head.

When he takes meals at the inn, he keeps his head down in his portion, refusing to look at certain corners, out certain windows.  When he sits on his porch or on a rock in the southern field, his sketches of the trees include pale figures or bright eyes.  For those who venture out at night, he's sometimes on the porch or also wandering, and there are dark circles growing under his eyes behind the lengthening fall of his hair, his already quiet nature burrowing down as if to prepare for winter, as he struggles with a stress that compounds its source.

[Jude's struggling with some hallucinations as the weather changes--though some of those figures might just be villagers waxing and waning from existence.  His hallucinations tend to be shadow-figures and insects, and you can choose if your character notices his behavior or just his general not-doing-great.]
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WHO: Major Lilywhite
WHERE: Major/Ravi's cabin, around the village
WHEN: Mid-October
OPEN TO: All, specific starter for Ravi

Major had been lured outside by the sound of whimpering. Every ounce of softness and kindness he'd ever held in his body had been tingling like a small fire, spreading over the expanse of his body from head to toe at the sound. When he had opened the door, two boxes were sitting side-by-side on the porch - one about half the size of the other and, to his surprise, moving around like one of those fake ferret toys for cats, the kind that's glued to a mechanical ball that moves around.

Only a little less erratic.

He took the stationary box in first, setting it off to the side of the living room, before returning to get the one that had now seemed to calm down a little bit. As he lifted it, there was a quiet yelp from the inside, and Major knew in an instant what the mystery box's contents were, without having to remove the lid.

He sets the box down in the middle of the living room, carefully lifting up the cover to reveal the small, Basset Hound puppy gazing up at him inside. At the sight of his face, it lets out another yelp, this one happier but still pleading, and tries to stand on its hind legs to see outside the open top of the box. It doesn't quite have the hang of what it means to be coordinated yet, and so it tumbles backwards, causing a very loud "AWW!!" to come rushing out of Major's mouth.

He reaches inside, carefully scooping the puppy up in his arms. Once near enough, it begins to lick his face and squirm around in his grip. As Major's trying to check the box for any other dog-related items, the puppy manages to wiggle its way out of his arms and, before he can manage to do anything to stop it, runs straight out of the door that Major's foolishly left open by mistake.

He opens his mouth to shout a name, but realizes he doesn't have one at the ready, so he shouts the only thing he can think of:

"HEY! ... HEY YOU! COME BACK!" as he scrambles to his feet and out the door, chasing after the bounding, long-eared puppy.
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WHO: Mary McGarrett and YOU
WHAT: Mary's arrival
WHERE: Fountain & Village
WHEN: Slightly backdated to October 1st
WARNINGS: None but will update if it changes


Mary had a very eventful couple of days. Her house had been broken into, she had been abducted and then later rescued by her brother and his partner. After she helped her brother and his Task Force out a bit, Steve had put her on a plane back to the mainland as he was convinced that she was safe to be on the island. As much as she didn't want to leave, she knew that he was right and by her not being on the island, it'd give her brother some peace of mind.

She had been in the air for about half and hour to forty-five minutes before she dozed off. Before she knew it, she was waking up underwater. Mary was taken by surprise but she feels a slight push upwards and she rights herself in the water and proceeds to swim towards the surface. Once she breaks the surface, she takes a deep breath as she treads the water, looking around to try to figure out what is going on. Did her plane crash? She looked around but she saw no evidence of such but instead she was in some sort of...fountain?

Swimming over to the side, she climbs out, brushing her now wet hair out of her face and she realizes that the bandage that was wrapped around her hand from her fight with her abductors was missing as was the one on her face. "This is some kind of weird dream right?" She said out loud, mostly to herself.

Mary takes a few minutes to look around from where she stands and she realizes that nothing looks familiar but she starts to walk towards the village. She didn't know where she was going but something told her she may be able to find some answers there.


As she walks through the village, she has no plan in mind but she has genuine curiosity. She's still wet from the fountain but she wanders through the village, looking at the various buildings located in the village. All of the buildings look old and not the skyscrapers and built up homes and apartment buildings that she was used to at home. This village looked like something out of a history book.

As she did some exploring she figured she needed to find some help. Maybe someone could explain what was going on and point her in the direction of a telephone. If she could get in touch with her brother, he would come find her. She hiked her backpack up on her shoulder and continued her exploration through the village but now she is also on the lookout for someone who she could talk to.
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WHO: Clary Fray/Fairchild
WHERE: 6i Inn
WHEN: October 1st – 7th
OPEN TO: Everyone

Clary has been through a lot over the past few months: uprooted from her home, learned that her father was a psychopath, that her father-figure was a werewolf and that she was a descendant of the angel Azrael and supposedly part of some secret organization that fought demons. Comparatively, pulling her way through the fountain hadn't been all that traumatizing. It was just another drop in the bucket of weird that was becoming her life.

At first, this Red versus Blue like canyon hadn't been so bad. Clary hadn't been here very long but Isabelle was here and it looked like everyone was working towards the general goal of survival and finding the way back home. Now it sucked. It sucked like perpetually stubbing your toe on the bedpost.

Isabelle was gone.

She had heard stories about people vanishing. Most of which were told to her by Isabelle but she didn't think that it would happen to her. Now she wanted to go home: to see her mother, stop her father, save Jace and see Isabelle again.

Clary tried to think of other, more creative ways, to leave the canyon but without magic of some sort, she was stuck. She ended up moping around the inn with the pieces of paper that had effectively become a replacement for her sketchpad.

Most of her skills were useless here. Nothing had to be kicked in the face or hacked to pieces and there was no one to recklessly try and save. So Clary began the long tedious processes of making a nicer map that fit roughly on one sheet of paper and then duplicating it for anyone who wanted one. The job took up most of her free time and it distracted her from her friends sudden disappearance.

When drawing the map got boring, she switched to a fresh sheet of paper and began to draw bits and pieces from home: Isabelle with her whip looking strong and fierce, an angel with beautiful blond hair, a crystal cup or a demon that was partially obscured in shadows. When this depressed her more, she began to draw the people around her. Eventually her drawings covered the table in front of her.

Clary didn't feel any better. It seemed that no amount of distraction was going to stop her from missing Isabelle.
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WHO: Clary Fray/Fairchild
WHERE: All Around 7i
WHEN: September 8th – 9th [Friday – Saturday]

Clary had sorted through Isabelle's closet and, mixed with what she found at the inn, she was now wearing a pair of tight black yoga leggings, well-worn boots and a black crop top. Her fiery red hair was back showing off the runes burned into her skin. She had her backpack with her and a borrowed pair of daggers from the inn. It was a little odd that weapons had been carelessly tossed into the storage area but Clary wasn't going to question it. At least, not until an axe murder showed up and the valley turned into a B-rated horror movie.

That would suck.

Clary wasn't looking for anything specific when she journeyed to the other side of the breach but on her list of stops was the peach orchard, the river and eventually the ocean. She had told Isabelle that she would be in the other village for a few days but she didn't want to stay away for too long. Knowing her luck, she'd somehow be trapped on the wrong side of the breach.

| September 8th |

Clary had been at the river when the mayhem began. She had a black fur cloaked laid out on a rock with a blank bit of paper in her lap. She had taken off her shoes and socks to feel the fur beneath her feet as she began to draw. Clary was planning to make a map of the new area but for now, she wanted to sketch in the relative quiet of the river.

Her pencil scratched against the page as she poured her thoughts onto the white canvas. She didn't notice the bright orange foxes as they stalked closer too absorbed in the world of her drawing. Soft scratching noises finally pulled her out of her thoughts.

Clary turned to see the bright orange creatures running off towards the town. She looked down at her things to find that her socks were gone. "You can't be serious?" She groaned as she ran, barefoot, after the fox. "What kind of creature steals socks!?" Everything in the village was limited except for socks. Of course, Clary didn't want to make the walk home without them and she hadn't thought to bring a spare. With the thought of foot pains in mind, she couldn't just let the sock disappear. This was somehow worse than the endless void beneath her bed.

"Come back here!" She cried as she ran after the fox.

Through the rest of the day, Clary could be found chasing two foxes, each one with a sock clamped tightly in its mouth. She cut paths all over town, through the park, passed the dried fountain, around the inn, and through the blacksmith.

| September 9th |

After retrieving her socks, Clary returned to her things by the riverside. She should have realized that there were more foxes. "You gotta be kidding." She exhaled as she watched a bundle of bright orange peek its head out of her backpack. A book was in its jaws with the words 'Don't Panic' written across the cover. "There is irony in there somewhere." Clary groaned as she ran towards her things.

The fox bolted back towards the town except that this time Clary packed up her backpack, taking everything with her before searching for the stupid fox. She should have just left it, except that the notebook it had stolen wasn't technically hers and it was partially filled with notes that she did not want to lose.

She searched high and low for the fox, only to end up back at the empty fountain. Clary slipped her backpack off her shoulders, looping a leg over it so that another creature wouldn't go through it without her noticing, and took a break.

"I am so done with this."

She exhaled, feeling her limbs tingle with exhaustion. Clary was used to running around but not like this. What she was experiencing now was a nightmare.

[ooc: Feel free to run into Clary at any point during any of these. She is missing two socks and a book. She's also super tired by the end of all of this. If you'd like to run into her after wards at the 6i inn, grumbling about stupid foxes and Japanese fox lore I can totally set something up with that too.]
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WHO: Father Francis Mulcahy and others
WHERE: Various, check starters
WHEN: September 2nd through 4th
OPEN TO: Everyone, but only the last prompt will be an open in full. The rest are first come, first served in order to prevent Topic Fatigue.
WARNINGS: None so far; mentions of wartime problems may come up

( fountain, September 2, open to Major )

Considering he'd gone to sleep in his normal rickety cot, the familiar sounds of an April night outside Uijongbu drifting through the lashed-down sides of his tent, the rumble of engines passing by on the road in the distance...

Well, the last thing he expected to wake up to was water.

Jolting awake with the sudden plunge and the screaming lack of air, instinct kicks in just like his feet, and Mulcahy surges in the direction he hopes is upwards, towards light and away from the darkness, a stray thought passing through his mind that he hopes he's not heading for The Light just yet. There's so much left to do, after all. The coughing starts when he founders into the early morning light, because he'd managed to swallow some of the water before he surfaced, though fortunately it seems to be coming out fairly easily. What he doesn't realize right away is that his glasses seem to have disappeared; he's more concerned with catching the rim of the fountain and clinging to it while he spits up the water that invaded his esophagus. Not the most comfortable of welcomes, this.

inn, hospital, and church prompts under the cut )
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WHO: Inara Serra
WHERE: Fountain and around the village
WHEN: September 1 - September 4th
OPEN TO: to all
WARNINGS: angst, anger, mild language


    Inara Serra broke the surface of the water, sputtering and gasping for air. Frantically she was trying to make her way to the edge of the pond or fountain she'd found herself in. She hauled herself up over the edge and still gasping for breath, she rested her forehead on the edge of well, a fountain.

    She had no idea how she'd got there. Because the last thing she remembered, she'd been speaking to Sheydra on the terrace outside of her quarters on Sihnon. Sheydra! Her head snapped up and she was frantically looking around as she tried to push herself to her feet.

    "Sheydra!" she called out, worry and fear making her tone sound almost hysterical. "Bāngbāng wǒ!" she cried out before leaning over the side of the fountain as she desperately stared at the water, hoping and praying that her friend would break the surface of the water. "Sheydra, please," she whispered but didn't see anything other than her own reflection.

    She could feel her chest tightening and tears beginning to form in her eyes. No Sheydra. But if she'd been taken, surely Sheydra had been as well. She didn't know why she'd been taken though--- Wait. Her eyes narrowed and her fear quickly melted away to cold fury.

    Malcolm Reynolds.

    She'd probably been snatched because of something he'd done. It wouldn't have taken much digging to find out that she'd rented a shuttle from him at one point. But it wouldn't have taken much more digging to find out she'd left the Serenity months before.

    Her head tilted back as she straightened and took a few unsteady and very waterlogged steps. "I don't know where he is! You might as well take me right back where I belong! The Guild doesn't take kindly to kidnapping!" Surely whoever had taken her would be listening and once they realized their obvious mistake, they'd take her back to Sihnon.

Around Town
    Somehow she'd managed to make herself look presentable before she'd headed out to look around the village. She wasn't sure how she'd done it but even though she looked presentable, she was uncomfortable. The fabric of the teal scrubs felt scratchy against her skin. She wasn't use to wearing such things and she found herself longing for her silky dresses and her lotions and her makeup.

    It was selfish and petty, she knew that. But she still missed it.

    She exhaled as she reached up, pushing back her hair back over her shoulder. Her curls looked almost wild, but there was little she could do about them since she didn't have any of her products with her. But the wild curls looked good on her, even if she didn't particularly think so. Sighing, she dropped her hand and looked around. As much as she tried to mask her emotions, it wouldn't be entirely too hard to tell she was confused and lost. She wanted answers, wanted answers and wanted out of there.

    She wasn't sure she'd get those things.

    But, she could at least try and find answers. Maybe there was a library, something that had some sort of information. Something.

((OOC: Hover over the Chinese for translation))
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WHO: Raleigh Becket
WHERE: 6I village, Inn
WHEN: 21 August - mid morning
OPEN TO: All + Mingle
WARNINGS: Put on your Eclipse Glasses TBD

Raleigh had been on his way back from his normal morning routine of checking his traps and fishing for a while when he noticed the sun wasn't quite the way it normally looked - he'd caught a glance at the reflection and saw that the sun, normally perfectly round, was looking a little like a lemon that had gotten beaten up at the grocery store. Huh. An eclipse. He hasn't seen one since he was in Ranger training and he hadn't gotten a good look at that one because he hadn't been directly in the path of it (and, obviously, he'd been preoccupied).

This one, though, looks like it's just starting so Raleigh has time to go to the Inn and tell the people there that there's an eclipse starting and they should get something to try and look at it. He's not exactly sure of the science behind it but he remembers being a kid and making something with a box and earlier he'd done pretty well with the water. Maybe they can take pots outside with water and just look at the reflections? Might work. Maybe, too, one of the scientists has a better idea of how to get a look at the thing.

For his part, it's just something that's different from the norm. Raleigh hopes it's not a sign that the sun's going to start moving backward or staying up all month like it had a few months back and that it's just a perfectly normal, natural event. After earthquakes and people getting sick with some kind of crazy illness, it was good to just have something...mundane to focus on.
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WHO: Jude Sullivan
WHERE: The fields (behind the Town Hall)
WHEN: August 18, Afternoon
OPEN TO: ALL, Mingle style post for the Specimen Room plot
WARNINGS: See the Plot Post for details of the Specimen Room and its contents

Jude's glad to have the meeting out of doors, with or without the illness to prompt it. The cave-in hadn't scared him out of the canyon's cracks and crevices, but the room he'd found with Margaery might, and he needs every helping factor he can get to keep himself steady through the meeting. Public speaking is less a great fear than a thing he's never cared to do, but public speaking on a subject like this might prove too much, and if he pitches over again in front of someone, he's going to throw himself in the fountain and never come back out.

He'd gotten some help to carry the board out of the inn, tacking up fresh sheets of paper to the back of it. While others gathered those villagers well enough to come out to the fields, he'd done his best to recreate his and Margaery's view of the room through the glass, the layout of the coolers, the shape of the machinery at its center. Next to that, he'd tried to draw a rough overview of the room--what shape it might have from above, the placement of the door, the curve of the tunnel that Margaery had led him down.

As far as he'd noticed, there was no way around the rest of the cave to get at the door, but he hadn't been very inclined to look. When he pulls back from the board, charcoal staining his fingers, his brow where he'd wiped back his hair, he turns to find a crowd gathering behind him.

When it comes to the actual explanations, he struggles a bit to project his voice, but the words are there when he looks for them. He sticks to using the drawings to present the information, pointing to each element in turn. "There're electrical lights, florescent ones, in the room and the coolers, so I guess they're working too. And the glass was--uh, well, it was thick enough that knocking into it didn't break anything."  He drops his gaze to his feet, hiding behind his hair at the memory.

[OTA within the post or tag others. Please indicate in top levels if you do not allow threadjacking, or if you have specific warnings for threads. Use the link above for a complete list of details about the Specimen Room; ask questions, or assume that the details have been given in your threads!]
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WHO: Kate Kelly
WHERE: The Inn
WHEN: 15th August | Noon
NOTES: All sections are completely free for all! You can handwave your character helping out or thread it out, or just jump in to them eating. All characters are ICly invited, as they are every day. In light of the illness plot, feel free to use this post as an excuse for your characters to catch ill or spread the plague around.
STATUS: Open and ongoing!

Rain, hail, shine; blizzard, earthquake or lightning storm, the meals at the Inn have continued. People can, and do, wander in at breakfast and supper - as long as the stores are enough for three meals, anyway - but the main meal remains the one at midday. It's this meal which is the main event that Kate structures her day around, making sure volunteers arrive to help prepare, serve, and then clean; double-checking that there is enough food for all, that stores aren't too low and that fresh greens have been gathered. With the village chickens now producing eggs regularly there's a welcome addition of protein to the foodstuffs, and by now there are a number of experienced cooks in the village. At least, experienced in the ways of cooking communally and with what's on hand.

The main room of the Inn is swept, dusted; cutlery and bowls, plates are laid out on the sideboards in piles to be collected as people need. Everything is as it should be, even if some people - Kate included - are feeling a bit under the weather. But that's to be expected, isn't it? Everyone gets run down, has a day or two of feeling off colour. Certainly, it's nothing to worry about.

So come on in, help at the kitchen or pull up a chair at a table and enjoy some warm food and company while the outside confusion stays firmly outside.
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WHO: Jean-Luc Picard
WHERE: The fountain and around town
WHEN: 8/4
OPEN TO: Everyone!
WARNINGS: None at the moment; will update as necessary

The Fountain

With first contact with the Vulcans successfully (re-)established, the trouble with the trouble with the Borg dealt with, and the timeline (presumably) set back on it's proper path, Picard had, generally speaking, assumed that they'd make their way back to the 24th century and whatever inquiry might be awaiting them. Instead, he comes to and finds that he can't breathe, eyes snapping open a moment later to find that he's underwater. Which explains the former, at least, but not why he's here instead of on the Enterprise. Which isn't to say that he has any significant complaints, when it means postponing what would almost certainly have been a visit from Temporal Investigations, but it's not anything that he can he'd be expecting either.

But there's no time to dwell on the fact. He might not know why he's ended up underwater - or where - but he can see light coming from above, and that's better than nothing.

He breaks the water's surface a moment later, coughing and blinking as he begins to haul himself out of the fountain. As beginnings go, he thinks to himself, it's not a terribly auspicious one. But he's alive, even if he feels half-drowned, and just at the moment, he'll take that.

Out and About

Once he's had some time to get his bearings - helped a little bit by an explanation from Beverly - and has figured out where he's going to be staying besides, Picard takes to the streets. Such as they are, anyway, but the point is more figuring out the lay of the land. And what they have to work with besides - explanation or no, he much rather prefers to actually see things himself. And if that also comes with the opportunity to talk to some of the people he hasn't already met.

The earthquake catches him off guard, small though it is, for all that it's mostly that he hadn't thought to expect any tectonic upheaval.

"Never a dull moment, I see."

He's not really directing the comment at anyone. But it's spoken loudly enough to be easily heard, and the last thing he's about to do is stop someone from chiming in if they should care to.
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WHO: Clary Fray
WHERE: Fountain & Village & River
WHEN: August 1st to August 6th
WARNINGS: Drowning? (Note: Scrub color is black.)

Fountain: Arrival [Aug 1]

Clary inhaled, feeling a cool rush of water fill her lungs. Her chest burned while panic tightly constricted around her heart. She flailed wildly in the water, kicking her arms and legs out in a futile effort to swim. The water stung her eyes when she tried to open them. Clary had always hated opening her eyes underwater but she needed to see.

'I need to breathe! She thought, forcing herself to calm down enough to escape a rather pathetic watery death. After everything she's been through, she's not going to have 'death by water' on her tombstone. Clary saw a blurry smudge of light in the distance and swam towards it.

She broke the surface of the water, coughing and gasping for air. Bright orange hair plastered to her cheeks and neck as she made her way to the fountain's ledge.

It was only when she was pulling herself over the edge of the fountain that she felt the weight of the pack on her back. A groan of complaint vibrated through her torso, even as she managed to tumble herself and the backpack onto the pavement. Clary was laying on her back. The backpack was a surprisingly comfortable pillow though that might have just been in comparison to the water. The sun shined pleasantly in the sky, warming her limbs and face.

Clary decided that it wasn't worth getting up. She'd happily lay there until someone told her to move. Maybe she was in central park? That's the only place that she can think of with a fountain. Either way, Clary knew that someone would find her and she'd sort it out then.

Around the 6I Village [Aug 2-4]

Clary really didn't know what to think of this place. She had named the village Salem in her mind, the broken buildings and dreary feeling reminded her of a town where hundreds of girls burned at the stake. It probably wasn't the best name but the village was surprisingly less daunting with a name attached to it.

She wound her way through the houses, inspecting the ones that were broken and then knocking at the homes that looked like someone lived there. If no one replied, she'd peak inside to see what was there. Clary was naturally curious and not at all shy or hindered by the unknown. This wasn't nearly as scary as trying to get Simon out of the Hotel Dumort.

Clary would take the time to stop and stare at the houses or setting around her. She tried to figure out how she'd draw it: what colors she would use or how certain objects might appear out of focus. At the end of each day, she'd find herself at the inn, usually hungry and sitting at the bar like a ghost might come and take her order.

She was new at this whole survival thing and Brooklyn had pizza. She really missed pizza.

At the River [Aug 5]

Clary was both happy and sad to see Izzy in the village with her. She was happy to see her friend and to know that she wasn't alone but it also made her think about home. How was her mother doing? And Simon? What about Jace? She wondered if any of them missed her. She didn't particularly worry about Alec missing her; he was with Magnus and starting towards his happiness.

She missed her sketchbook. It gave her the ability to get all of her worries out of her head and onto a piece of paper. Without it, her thoughts jumbled together in a messy knot that she didn't know how to untangle. A groan pulled from Clary's lips as she took a seat near the water's edge. She watched the waves for a few seconds before pulling off her scrubs and jumping in.

Clary hadn't been in water since almost drowning in the fountain a few days before and as much as she wanted to avoid it, she felt gross. She had never gone this long without a shower. After drenching herself in water, she floated lazily on the surface of the river.

"This place feels too much like the Twilight Zone." She mumbled to no one in particular.

The Breach Between 6I and 7I: Small Earthquake [Aug 6]

Clary first heard about the mysterious second village at the inn, when she had eavesdropped on two people discussing their plans to cross the breach. She hadn't asked about it then but she couldn't stop thinking of the possibilities that lay on the other side of the ridge. Peeked by her curiosity and her ever-rampant thoughts, Clary decided to head to the breach to check it out for herself.

She wasn't completely unfamiliar with bouldering but the path was not as clear as she thought it would be. She took careful steps over small rocks and then slipping between larger boulders that stood like giants in the path.

Clary was halfway through the breach when the earth began to shake. She'd gotten used to the small tremors over the last few days but she hadn't been standing in a small crevasse in the ground back then. A surprised scream tore from her throat as she ran back the way she had come. Peddles and rocks loosened from above her, falling on her head like rain drops falling from the sky.

She ran out of the breach, stumbling to the ground as the earthquake ended. Clary's head was shaking as she tried to regain her balance. She tasted blood in her mouth and felt a soft sting along her cheek. If she had managed to get out of that with a bloody lip and a few thin cuts then she was happy.

"Okay. Maybe I won't go that way." Clary was talking to the rocks and seriously hoping that they could feel her displeasure.


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