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whistle while you axe

WHO: Johanna Mason
WHERE: Outside the Mill
WHEN: August 11th

The last few times that she's been out in the woods have been silent, solo jaunts, which means that her temporary friend had been just that -- another person who left, whether of his own volition or not, but isn't that just like home? Everyone goes away, no one sticks around. Whatever, it just means there's more for her, which is why she's working with a lot of firewood, to the point that she eases back on the cutting and starts to look at other uses.

She doesn't build with them, doesn't know any tricks to make them into a floor or a roof or anything else handy, but what she knows is making a weapon or two. She's been whittling using her axe, turning a large slab of redwood into several well-turned staffs of about six feet tall, careful to keep her work clean. She could (and should) put a point on one end, but she'll save those for hunting, for later. Some of these, she's just working on because she misses fighting and keeping her anger hot and boiling. Fists are fine, but no one wants to come after her with the axe in her hands, so she's been thinking about evening up the playing field with a few good blunt instruments.

Twisting the second now-finished staff, she eyes the handiwork with all its errors and flaws, shrugging when she doesn't really care how perfect it is, so much as it's done.

Tossing it into the finished pile, she reaches down for the remainder of the log, using the axe absently to throw all her weight into the strike, cutting it clean in half so that she can pin it down with her boot, prying it up to start on a third. Even if she doesn't end up finding someone who's willing to practice, at least Johanna intends to be well-stocked in weapons for whatever comes next.
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Isabelle is frustrated.

On the one hand, she got herself a package yesterday, one containing a pair of metal hair chopsticks, sharpened at both ends. The only the she loves more than cute accessories is cute accessories that can be weaponized. They're not as nice or as handy as the whip she wore coiled around her wrist at home, but they'll certainly work in a pinch, and she's taken to wearing her hair up with them every day. But on the other hand, Clary has shown up, from a point in time way before Isabelle, somehow. She's not alone, but now there are two of them stuck here.

She's frustrated. She's looking for a fight.

That's why, when she sees Johanna outside of the Mill while she's on her daily run, she smiles. Not only does Johanna look good wielding an ax, but it also means she's more than capable of being a good fight. Isabelle already knew that, though. Coming to a stop on the other side of the pile of staffs, she tips her head, a little out of breath when she talks. "What're you up to?"
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They're not friends, but they've come miles since their initial meeting. Isabelle had been spitting fire and Johanna's not the type to take it laying down. The fact that they're to a point where they smile at each other in greeting after all that is a miracle.

It probably helps that they fucked. That tends to soften people up a little.

Isabelle's smile only brightens when Johanna says weapons. She doesn't ask for permission before leaning down and snatching one of the sticks up, twirling it like a baton in her hand in front of her with well-practiced movements. It's thicker than the staff she usually uses, rough wood instead of smooth metal. She'll probably end up with splinters, but she doesn't care.

"Fancy yourself some fighting practice?" She asks, looking up again. "I'm in a mood."
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Bodhi's absent meanderings bring him to Johanna more often than most of his impulses. He's pretty sure he's stumbled on her more often than he's actually sought her out on purpose. With not much to occupy his mind just now, he's far away in a fog and doesn't even notice the regular ka-chunk of her labors until he's practically on top of her, leaving his smile a little more sincerely surprised than usual. He hasn't chatted with her since his return from the other side of the canyon, though, and his look is decidedly new. The scraggly hobo-beard Kira despised so much has been shaped back into the natty, stylized goatee he arrived with, the undercut spots back at his temples, and the traditional Jedhan dress that arrived in his second mysterious box, layers and layers of sweeping lines and loose drapes all topped with a janty headscarf, definitely change up the effect from ratty scrubs. Not that Bodhi's thinking of it much. He's just in the mood to bug her. "What'd the log do to you?"
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"Sounds fun." He shrugs mildly. It doesn't, but the part where she's clearly indulging herself does, and he's willing to use his imagination about the rest. "Do you, um, do you want a hand with that plan, or is the conquest more of a solo thing?" He doesn't know what exactly he could do to help, but he has picked up enough about how wood works here and there to be able to provide very general support. He can hold things pretty competently, anyway. After Baze's blistering disdain, Johanna's seems perfectly weather-able.
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Bodhi stares at her for a moment and then laughs. "Absolutely not, no, not in this or any galaxy." He says it fondly, but he can't imagine her being serious. Has he thrown a punch or two on a bar fight? Yes, and even landed possibly more than one of those. But he was bad at it even then, and Johanna is not a drunk pilot in a sleazy bar. "I can't... I don't even know how to describe how quickly you'd roll over me."
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"It's not really... scared." But he knows full well that if he tires to take a swing at her, it won't land. Possibly at all, possibly just pathetically. "I'm not good at this kind of thing. I was thinking more, um, if you wanted me to hold things..." He feels a bit bad, but she'll probably be more annoyed with him if he does attempt and miserably fail at the task she wants to set him.
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"See, I can actually do that," he says cooperatively. "The other way there'd have mostly, um, I'd have probably just dropped things." It might say something about him that he's much more comfortable being swung at by a violent weirdo than do the swinging, but he doesn't really know what that would be. Nor does he wish to find out. He picks up one of the pieces, checking gingerly for splinters before moving it into his hands.
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"I'm lifting!" He's not alarmed, exactly, just... Aware of everything. It's impossible to be otherwise, willing as he is to help out. Johanna's just a force of nature. He assumes nothing like a combatant's stance, his feet planted more or less at random with only the most general sense of his center of gravity, and he holds his arms out rigidly, but he does do his best to follow her directions.