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WHO: Jean-Luc Picard
WHERE: The fountain and around town
WHEN: 8/4
OPEN TO: Everyone!
WARNINGS: None at the moment; will update as necessary

The Fountain

With first contact with the Vulcans successfully (re-)established, the trouble with the trouble with the Borg dealt with, and the timeline (presumably) set back on it's proper path, Picard had, generally speaking, assumed that they'd make their way back to the 24th century and whatever inquiry might be awaiting them. Instead, he comes to and finds that he can't breathe, eyes snapping open a moment later to find that he's underwater. Which explains the former, at least, but not why he's here instead of on the Enterprise. Which isn't to say that he has any significant complaints, when it means postponing what would almost certainly have been a visit from Temporal Investigations, but it's not anything that he can he'd be expecting either.

But there's no time to dwell on the fact. He might not know why he's ended up underwater - or where - but he can see light coming from above, and that's better than nothing.

He breaks the water's surface a moment later, coughing and blinking as he begins to haul himself out of the fountain. As beginnings go, he thinks to himself, it's not a terribly auspicious one. But he's alive, even if he feels half-drowned, and just at the moment, he'll take that.

Out and About

Once he's had some time to get his bearings - helped a little bit by an explanation from Beverly - and has figured out where he's going to be staying besides, Picard takes to the streets. Such as they are, anyway, but the point is more figuring out the lay of the land. And what they have to work with besides - explanation or no, he much rather prefers to actually see things himself. And if that also comes with the opportunity to talk to some of the people he hasn't already met.

The earthquake catches him off guard, small though it is, for all that it's mostly that he hadn't thought to expect any tectonic upheaval.

"Never a dull moment, I see."

He's not really directing the comment at anyone. But it's spoken loudly enough to be easily heard, and the last thing he's about to do is stop someone from chiming in if they should care to.
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At this point, Beverly hadn't been expecting to find anyone she knows here. At least not from her ship and her crew. She knows of Major Kira thanks to Deep Space Nine, Julian Bashir she had met at Starfleet Medical, and of course Spock and Kirk were well known figures, even if she thinks the Spock she met was simply named for the famous Vulcan. But as she happens to approach the fountain, someone's head breaks the surface of the water and a very familiar face begins to haul himself out of the water.

The breath catches in her throat and for a few seconds, she's rooted to the spot. But then her lungs inflate in one large, painful breath and she's running straight for him, unable to stop herself. She's missed the entire crew of the Enterprise more than she could ever say; seeing her best friend and captain climbing over the edge of the fountain makes her ache with it.

"Jean-Luc!" she calls as she nears him, wishing she had a towel with her. Maybe she should start bringing her backpack and a couple of towels from her house just in case someone happens to climb out of the fountain while she's passing by.

She should probably say something else, but her voice sticks in her throat and as much as she doesn't actually weep to see him, there is definitely emotion creeping into her eyes. She has missed him.

"I'm so glad to see you."
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The utter relief Beverly feels at seeing her best friend and captain is beyond measure. She teeters on the edge for a few more seconds before she crosses a line they've never spoken of. Stepping forward, she reaches up and wraps her arms around him, knowing that it'll be something of a surprise to him. For all he knows, he's seen her very recently. For her, though, it's been months.

She keeps the hug for a few long minutes, just enough to show how much she has missed him, before she pulls back, heedless of how his dripping wet self will have gotten her wet.

"Come on," she says gently, stepping back and turning in the direction of the house she's claimed. "I've got towels you can use to dry off in the house and I'll explain everything I know when we're there. But first I need to know what the stardate is for you."

She'll answer the same question once she has his and anything else he wants to know.
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The relief she's showing is similar to the time she'd been rescued from that collapsing warp bubble. The first person she'd seen was him and she had wrapped him up in a hug then, too. Now she's just as relieved to see a friendly and familiar face, someone she had wanted to see for so long.

She doesn't give him much of a choice in the matter of whether to follow her or not and soon they're picking their way through the streets to her house. It's really not far at all; part of why she had chosen that one was so that she could have a direct view of the fountain and so far it had proven useful. She has to cross the fountain park every day from the hospital to her house, which affords her a chance to check herself.

"Oh, good. That's the last stardate I remember." That'll make things a lot easier on both of them. She won't have to hide anything from him in order to keep to the Prime Directive. "Right now, I think it's just you, me, and Major Kira Nerys from Deep Space Nine. There were a couple of others... but they're gone now."
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Recognizing the way out of the warp bubble had been a huge problem the first time for Beverly. At least this time she thinks she'd have a better idea of how things would work, but if it's a warp bubble that pulled up a new environment and not the Enterprise, then she might be in as much trouble as she was last time.

"The only thing I've heard so far is that the people who brought us here want to observe us. They're called, aptly, the Observers, and no one's ever met any of them. We don't even know how many there are. I don't honestly know much about them, but I've seen some of the things they cause."

Hail, for one thing. The planet's halted rotation for another. But she'll get to all of those in a minute.

"I'll point you towards a couple of people who have helped me so far. Peggy and Stella have been collecting information and what I can't answer, they might be able to."
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The earthquake was something so commonplace at this point that Helen barely lost her balance. She had been here for almost a year now, by her reckoning, and seismic activity had been a part of this place since the day she'd arrived. It was something that was concerning to her, yes, but on the grand scheme it was low on the list of things she wanted to investigate or dedicate much time to. She was one of the doctors and, as such, she devoted a good portion of her day to that very purpose; at the time of the temblor, she'd been heading to the hospital to take stock.

The man who spoke was new to her and Helen was interested in that; she often took a sweep of the fountain daily to see if anyone new had come through but she'd missed this person entirely. "No, not in this place. Whoever has us trapped here clearly likes to shake the ant farm upon occasion to see if we all scurry for cover."
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"I've been here for a year now and I've had my fill of scurrying. I'm going to try to see if I can get out." Helen knew it was a stupid thing to say, especially to someone she'd only just met and hadn't even exchanged names with but the point stood: she was tired of waiting to see what would happen and wanted to start making things happen. That's what she'd done in Carentan and it would be a course of action to start pursuing here. She only wondered who else among them would agree with her. Hopefully enough.

"I'm Helen, by the way. Dr. Helen Magnus. It's a pleasure." She extended a hand to the man, offering it to shake. She'd erred a bit in speaking before an introduction but she'd been interrupted in medias res, as it were, and sometimes thoughts had to be completed before she lost them entirely.

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"I always enjoy those who seem to have an adventurer's spirit in them," Helen said, her smile warm. The man's eyes were intelligent and she liked that he still had the spirit that many did on arrival, the spirit to want to get out instead of staying here and simply accepting their circumstances for what they were. If only all of them could keep that fire. Some of them had it renewed with the quakes and the discovery of the new village, yes, but some people seemed content to eke out a subsistence living and focus on the day to day. Helen wasn't one of those. She would always work toward freedom.

"I don't like to keep my feet planted in one place for too long if I can possibly help it. I've always been a bit of a wanderer."

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"This place tries my patience on the best of days," Helen said, letting out a long sigh. It wasn't particularly affectionate, either, because she was damned tired of trying and failing at getting out. She'd been here long enough that surely she should have found some kind of way out and, yet, she was as stuck here as anyone else.

"Forgive me, I don't think I've asked the first thing about you. Where are you from, Jean-Luc?"

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"Ah, no. I have spent a great deal of time in France, mind you, but La Barre doesn't seem to have been among the places I travelled."

Helen had spent years in Carentan, after all, even though it was not the version of Carentan that existed in living memory; she had lived through endless years in a time bubble, time that sped up for her and was too fast to be seen outside the range of the anomaly.

"I hate that you've wound up here, though. This place seems to do nothing but trap us for nothing but frustration. I have yet to determine a motive for our kidnapping."
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Out and About

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The quakes had become so underwhelming that Sam no longer even trembled when they came and went. She barely had to put one hand on the trunk of the tree she was in to keep herself from toppling out of the branch, some ten feet above the ground. Mostly, she just squeezed her knees around it and rode it out, like the world's worst roller coaster or something. It was just a nuisance, a distraction from the work at hand.

The journal Jude had given her was open on her lap. She'd taking some time to carefully sharpen and shape a piece of charcoal into something she could write with. Or, more accurately, draw with. Now she was using it to try to map out the clown rodeo.

Whenever there was something she didn't understand--and she didn't understand the fucking Skinner Box at all--Sam always found her best defense was to try to break it down into small digestible pieces.

And then digest the fucker.

As the quake subsided, she heard someone below and looked down to see a big, old bald head that she didn't recognize. In addition to her maps, Sam had always started a few pages of notes on the people stuck in the box with her. She didn't recognize this one. Newbie. Always fun.

She smiled down at him, her face framed by the synthetic curls of her wig. "Actually, there are plenty of dull moments. They just come pretty evenly spaced between the fuck-oh-fuck-what's-happening-help-help-help moments."
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There was something about the raised eyebrow, the calm demeanor, and most especially the lack of immediate commentary about her hair that intrigued Sam. And kinda made her want to respect baldy. Of course, she knew better than to make snap judgments about anyone, especially on the basis of about eight seconds' worth of dialog. But she was starting to find that she needed to revise almost all of her rules here in the clown rodeo. Usually for worse. But occasionally for better.

"You ever heard of a Skinner Box?" she asked, giving a shrug of one shoulder. He seemed like the intellectual type. But that may just have been because he was bald and British. "Because, as far as I can tell, that's basically where you're standing, right now."

She shut her journal, tucking the piece of charcoal behind her ear. Her fingers were smeary with soot, but she didn't really care. She grabbed hold of the branch on either side of her hips and pulled her legs in to her chest, before sliding them down. She hung there for a second, before dropping to the earth in a fairly neat squat.

Back when she was a kid, her favorite way of getting down always started by hanging upside down from her knees. But she couldn't really pull that one off in her wig. It wouldn't fall off. The motherfucker was practically glued to her head. But it just looked so obvious.
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"I guess the official name would be an 'operant conditioning chamber,'" she said. But it didn't really matter. No one actually called it that. "It was invented by this guy named B. F. Skinner while he was a grad student at Harvard. A sound-proof, light-proof box used to contain a test subject. Some operanda like a button or a lever that operates a means of delivering a primary reinforcer while at the same time sending behavioral data to a scientist. Real popular for research disciplines like behavioral pharmacology."

Sam wasn't bald. She wasn't British. And she never really looked like an intellectual. Which meant she absolutely relish any opportunity she had to prove her intellectual mettle. Sam wasn't just smart. She was gifted. And if she'd squandered that gift. Well. That was her problem.

Didn't make it any less fun to play against her Goth image.

"Long story short," she said, "we're lab rats."
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Baldy immediately earned Sam's respect with that. One of the hardest adjustments she'd had to make was dealing with people who were way too go-with-the-flow about this bullshit. For better or for worse, she was a fighter. And accustomed to dealing with other fighters. When the Predators tried to turn LA into their own little controlled social experiment, the Ordo Dracul had immediately gone out of its way to break it. Sam was more than happy to continue the tradition.

"Now you're speaking my language," she said, offering him the first hint of a smile that wasn't entirely disingenuous.

She thrust a hand out. Karen and Avery were always on her case about shaking hands. It was dangerous, they told her. A hunter would spot her in a second. But fuck Avery and Karen. And fuck hunters too. She was human for a change.

"My name's Sam," she said. It was as close as she really skirted to polite. "The going name-rank-serial number thing around here seems to be name, year, location. So, Sam, 2014, Los Angeles."
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At this point, Sam was pretty used to hearing about people from different times. But 2373 was by far the most removed from her own life. It immediately made her grin and the scientist in her was already formulating only about a million questions. She nearly said how relieved she was that the human race had managed to survive that long, but stopped herself.

The fountain made everyone human, after all. Maybe this guy was in the same boat she was.

...or worse.

No. She absolutely refused to even entertain the idea that he was a Predator. He wouldn't have taken her hand, for one thing. And a Predator from the future would doubtlessly have learned about the 2014 events in LA.

"I'd say 'nice to meet you,'" she said instead, "but that seems vulgar under the circumstances. But I gotta ask. Do you have flying cars in the future? Like in The Jetsons. Because if not, I'm going to be super disappointed."
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Out & About.

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Clary really didn't know what to think of this place. She had named the village Salem in her mind, the broken buildings and dreary feeling reminded her of a town where hundreds of girls burned at the stake plus the last 1600's didn’t feel too off given the lack of power. It probably wasn't the best name but the village was surprisingly less daunting with a name attached to it.

She wound her way through the houses, inspecting the ones that were broken that made it look as if she was searching for ghosts. Clary was naturally curious and not at all shy or hindered by the unknown. Looking through broken down houses wasn't nearly as scary as trying to get Simon out of the Hotel Dumort. However, the sudden earthquakes were a bit unsettling. After the last one, Clary abandoned her house search. She had no interest of being caught inside a precariously built building in the middle of an earthquake.

Clary caught sight of Picard when she stepped away from the nearest house. Her black scrubs made the orange fire of her hair appear more vibrant than usual while her lips twisted in an expression of uncertainty.

"You new too?" She was new at this whole survival thing and Brooklyn had pizza. She really missed pizza.
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"Settlement? Are you from the 1800's or something?" She had head that some weird time bending magic was going on here but she hadn't expect it to be phrased exactly like that. Clary's bright green gaze scanned the village briefly before falling back on Picard. "Okay, no electricity, or communication or really anything. I get how settlement comes to mind but isn’t it more like a village or town or…" This really was a stupid time to argue semantics.

"You know what, never mind. It isn’t important." Clary waved a hand. She turned to look in the other direction; the rune burned into her neck more visible that it had been before. "I'm honestly more worried about the how we got here part."

Clary briefly fell into her thoughts, 'Maybe drugged… mass illusions or everyone could be dead and this is some strange unknown Purgatory. Fucking Twilight Zone. That or some sort of unfamiliar magic.' Clary had seen a lot recently but nothing that compared accurately to this experience.
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Clary's head canted to the side. Bright orange hair rolled over her shoulder as she spoke. "I guess so. Maybe we were brought here to use as collateral or tests or something weird like that." She looked around but of course, there was nothing in their intimidate area that stood out to her.

"They gave us scrubs and took our stuff..." Her voice trailed off, making it obvious that she was just musing out loud. "The houses look kind of old too but given what they're made out of... they look more like they were placed here the way we were. Not climbing out of a fountain but randomly." Since they didn't really have any factories or places to make plastic or beams or plaster.

Clary was used to New York and the lack of loud noises and smog was weird.

She wondered if she should ask him about other worlds. Clary has been to at least one other but it'd sound crazy to anyone from the 20th century. Not that she was assuming that Picard was, Clary was still guessing that he was from sometime around the 1800's. That might just be because he looked old to her.

"What do you think?" She asked finally turning to look back at him.
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out and about;

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He's been fairly good, all things considering--he's trying to get out more, trying to be more sociable with people he doesn't know. The Credence six months ago would balk at the fact that he's making an effort--people inherently dislike him, and if they don't they'll all just disappear anyway--but there's only so much he can do in a small village like this.

There's another one, now. Another village. He's heard about it, whispers on the edge of his mind, and he has half a heart to go. That would be leaving Mr. Graves and Kira, though, and he doesn't want to do that. There's earthquakes now, too, and Credence is skittish by nature. Being trapped in a cave for three days because of one has only made it worse.

He's alone a path when it happens, a newer arrival--bald, how curious, he's never seen someone in this village bald before--passing his way. The shift is enough for him to stiffen and cry out, unsure and afraid for a brief moment.

Never a dull moment, the new one says, and Credence looks rather pained.

"I wish there was, sir. Certainly, that would be preferable."
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People in this village are very rude, Credence decides.

Maybe not rude, but certain more open. It's been drilled into him to say 'sir' and 'ma'am until he's blue in the face. But a lot of things have been drilled into him, a lot of them bad.

'Witches are evil' comes to mind. 'Condemn sinners' is another one. If this older gentleman wants him to not call him sir, than he won't. He's learning that it's no skin off of his back, at least here. The stranger seems polite, too. He says something but Credence doesn't answer his question right away, looking at him, hesitating. Instead, he says something completely irrelevant to any topic at hand:

"Are you dead?"
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out & about

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The quakes have been unsettling for Ned, but the mind is nothing if not adaptable. When the tremors begin, he inserts himself into the nearest doorway (unsure, now, of where he'd heard the advice but grateful for it all the same), bracing himself on either side, palms pressed against the wood. He feels the biting sharpness of slivers digging into his skin, knowing he'll have to attempt to extract them later on, but something else steals his attention - namely, what appears to be a newcomer, looking a bit startled at the trembling underfoot.

In an instant, he's out of the doorway and making his way towards the man, whose hairless head cannot help but to remind Ned of Varys though there's nothing else about him to suggest a similarity. But by the time Ned reaches him, the quakes have stopped, and Ned steadies himself to allow for the vibrations in his skull to cease.

"That isn't the half of it," Ned replies to the man's statement, pressing a finger to his temple to ease the residual tremblings. "But it is the newest of the lot."
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"A fortnight, perhaps a bit longer. It is .. difficult to say, as I do not track the days as steadfastly as I should. There are those here who do, however, and might be able to give you a more definitive answer, but I do not believe my answer to be wholly inaccurate," Ned replies thoughtfully. He returns his attention to the man, trying to ascertain as much information he can about him without being intrusive.

"You've only just arrived, have you not? Have you found the Inn yet? It is a good place to bring newcomers, as there is a hearth, food, and shelter. I can escort you there, should you desire."