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WHO: Claire Bennet
WHERE: By the breach (small earthquake plot)
WHEN: August 3rd
OPEN TO: Jon Snow
WARNINGS: None at the moment

While they were nowhere near as strong as the original earthquake that rocked the village, Claire was still wary of the smaller ones happening but not enough to stick close to home. There were things that needed to be done and she knew it wouldn't matter where she was if another big earthquake happened again. It was just one of those things that you couldn't escape when it came.

So she decided to spend a day exploring the second village that had been found. She had left a message for Margaery and Erik at her place if either one of them decided to look for her and then off she went. Yes, she probably should have actually gotten someone to tag along with her but she didn't think too hard about it as she made her way through the tunnel.

Of course, she started kicking herself mentally when the first tremor rolled through the ground as she reached the other side. It was enough to make the world tremble around her, causing her to stumble and nearly lose her footing. Catching herself, she felt the trembling get worse and silently marveled for a moment at the noise it created. Not that she stayed still for long. She recognized the danger she was in if she stayed where she was and so she threw herself forward, running without hesitation out of the breach into the other village as the earthquake got worse.

Nearly falling, she whipped about just as she heard rocks falling behind her and watched in horror as the breach actually started to crumble in on itself.
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Jon had been scouting the other side of the breach as he had been since it had first been discovered; he knew the forest on the first side of it quite well but there were new paths and new game to hunt on the other side and he did not want to overhunt on the original side. When the earth began to tremble again, he braced himself against the ground, planting his feet as firmly as he could.

He spotted a flash of blonde hair near the breach and for a moment, his heart caught in his throat. Was it Lucrezia, whom he'd recently become friends with? Was it Margaery, whose hair had gotten lighter with the sun? Margaery was afraid of the earthquakes - so much so that Jon ran to the woman and knelt down.

"Are you all right?"
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"I am glad you weren't hurt," Jon said, kneeling down to help her to her feet. He hardly wanted to see a woman knocked down and injured and while this had only been the fault of the earth, not of any one person, he still felt the need to help. He felt helpless, of late, so he wanted to feel like he'd done something of use for once.

"I know your face but I'm afraid we haven't exchanged names. I'm Jon Snow," he said, catching her eye for a moment to greet her properly. "But you've been here a while, haven't you?"

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"Been here since the beginning, I think. When I arrived, there was a whole group of us together who came through the fountain."

Since then, it had simply been stragglers here and there and Jon wondered why he'd been in that first group, why he'd been among those to first settle this strange village. He had no idea why he would have been chosen over anyone else but he'd come to accept that he would be here for a long while; others had come and gone and he'd remained, ever-present.

"And you? How many moons have you been here, Claire?"
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"Aye, yes, it was much warmer when I came through than over the winter. It's warm again, now, so I see the winters don't last as long as they do in the North."

Jon gave her a sympathetic smile. "You came through when it was cold, then? My apologies, lady."
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"Westeros," Jon explained. To him, it was simply the North, but he had learned over the past year of being in this place that not everyone knew of Westeros or how the seasons in his world seemed to work; they weren't the same as this place, for certain.

"We should check the breach and see if it's still able to be traversed. If not, we might need to pry some of the rocks out."
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"I'll go first," Jon said. "I don't want you to be injured, all right?" If he could prevent Claire from being injured by falling rocks, he would, and he would take point in order to prevent that very real possibility.

As he approached the breach, some of the rocks shifted and Jon stepped back a few feet. "I don't think it's stable, my lady."
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The ground rumbled again, seemingly in response to that, and Jon decided to stay his ground. Pausing for a moment wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, especially since the rocks still didn't appear to be stable.

"Yes, let's wait. I don't want to go climbing it and then get buried beneath rubble when the ground trembles again."
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"Aye, we should wait before we try to climb back through the breach, I think. Let's go scout the other village and see what's there so we can make a report. I haven't been over that many times myself, I'm sure there's things I've missed."

Jon was a fine ranger and one of the best scouts in the Watch but there could always, always be things he might have missed. With two, there was less of a chance of missing small details.
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"Aye, that's what I've been told as well. If that's the case, we ought to be able to follow the river into the new village and follow it back. We'll keep it as our guideline," Jon said.

He looked to Claire, assessing her ability to keep up. "Have you ever tracked or gone by foot before for a long distance?"